Blissful Cherry

If you’ve read my article on Adam & Eve, you know that I am not pleased with their company in the slightest, especially considering that they have been around in this industry for so long. So I decided to flip things back over to the positive side this time around by profiling one of the many new sex toy companies that actually care about their customers: Blissful Cherry.

From the get-go I knew that Blissful Cherry would be a lot more promising simply based on the way I heard about it: through word of mouth. Although I don’t remember the exact context in which the topic of sex toys came up, I basically got word from a close friend of mine who highly recommended I check out their site. This particular friend is one of the horniest girls I know and she has also been single for a while now, so if she has a recommendation when it comes to a sex toy company, then I definitely need to listen to her of all people.

Also important to note is that when my friend recommended checking out Blissful Cherry, she specifically mentioned checking out the site itself, rather than buying a sex toy from them. You see, Blissful Cherry actually is a fantastic resource on sex toys in general. For women who are new to sex toys, or even for those who are more experienced, Blissful Cherry provides great content to help educate on sex toys in more detail. In my experience, no other sex toy company explicitly uses their sites to educate visitors on the subject of sex toys, so that was quite refreshing.

In fact, after reading through some of their articles and seeing how great their content truly was, it made me realize that this really was a top-notch company. Not just because they have great content, but because they took the time to write it in the first place. It really showed me that their company was more than just making sales and achieving a bottom line, but rather promoting sex toys in general. In other words, they are able to build trust in potential customers such as myself in a way that no other sex toy company can truly manage to do.

So as you can imagine, after reading through some great content from Blissful Cherry (in particular I really enjoyed their extensive vibrator guide, especially their section explaining the rabbit vibrator) I went ahead and purchased a few of vibrators. Because that article described a wide range of different vibrators, I took it upon myself to try as wide a range of vibrators myself, without spending too much money, buying a mini bullet vibrator, one of the aforementioned rabbit vibrators, a g-spot vibrator and what they call a “clitoral oral sex vibrator”.

Now, I won’t lie, it definitely wasn’t cheap (a few hundred dollars’ worth). But my friend had told me that their products were the highest quality and that they would last a lifetime, so I took those words to heart when making my purchases. And when they finally arrived in the mail, I wasn’t disappointed.

The sex toys were packed in gorgeous packaging and made me feel like I made the right decision without even taking the vibrators out of their individual boxes yet. And when I did get a first glimpse at the products, I felt like I was in heaven. All of the products that I bought were made out of silicone, and I could tell right away how smooth and elegant they felt to the touch. And when I actually put them to work (almost immediately), I couldn’t get enough of all the various vibration options that each vibrator gave me.

It’s been a few months since I’ve purchased those vibrators and they haven’t worn down in the slightest, only proving my friend’s claim that these toys are built to last. And from a consumer standpoint, the quality of the products is one of the most important factors when it comes to judging a company, and in that regard Blissful Cherry couldn’t do any better, in my opinion. In fact, now that I know for sure that their sex toys are of such high-quality, I am definitely planning to buy some more sex toys from Blissful Cherry in the near future.

Although there are plenty of other sex toy companies out there, none are quite like Blissful Cherry. It starts with their commitment to educating the visitors to their website on everything they could ever want to know about sex toys, in a way that implies that they don’t even care their site visitors don’t eventually buy something. But if by chance they do decide to buy some sex toys for themselves, Blissful Cherry also provides the highest quality sex toys I have ever personally come across. This combination of educational content and high-quality products is a slam-dunk formula for success that truly leaves just about every other sex toy company in the dust.