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    Posted by:- Alicia | December 11, 2013




    This week in the CT boutique we had a visit from raven-haired beauty Maddy from Moxham. If you’ve not heard of Moxham (where have you been hiding?!), you should have – because Maddy’s contemporary jewellery, made from leather and gold hardware, has graced the arms, necks and ankles of most of London’s most fashionable players as well as the pages of every glossy that matters. So what did she think of the current collection? Read on and find out.


     Talk us through your outfit:
    Love print on print & monochrome so this ticks all the boxes. Teamed with my staple COS coat & feather shrug it is a perfect festive look!


    What is it you love about the pieces/print?
    I love teaming the same print together for this camouflage effect and the dress is super flattering – flaring out & skimming over the bum area. The length is also perfect for me and you could always get rid of the tights if you really wanted to dress it up.


    Do you prefer head-to-toe or just a hint of print?
    I think if you are going to do it then you might as well go full throttle! I’m the same with colour, preferring to wear one colour head to toe for maximum impact.


    If you could have one other piece from the CT collection what would it be?
    I absolutely love the chunky knitwear and this ram print is a firm favourite.


    And last but not least, if you had a pet penguin what would you call it?
    Tough one… OTTO after one of our bestselling styles!

    Maddy wears the Ram Black woven Tee and the Ram Black mini, also available in store at 1 Ellis Street. London, SW1X 9AL.

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