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  • Make-Up Workshop at CT with Gia Mills

    Posted by:- Charlotte | November 5, 2013

    So Last night we had the fabulous Gia Mills at Ellis Street for an intimate make-up workshop.


    The Aim – Get a group of girls (and Ben) together who want to know a bit more about make up styles and professional tips and generally have a bit of fun.




    This idea came about because the CT office is, dare I say it, a bit more scruffy/ tomboy / nana chic than airbrushed Kim Kardashian esq. When I went out for dinner with my girlfriends a couple of weeks ago and tried to do a smokey eye – I looked like I had fast forwarded 10 hours, 4 bottles of wine down after a  punch up at the local. Not good. We needed help. So – SOS Gia Mills. Gia has done a huge amount of tutorials and is not only a fantastic make-up artist but a great talker and brilliant with people. It had to be her…and so it began. We thought there must be tons of women out there who want to experiment a bit more with their make-up but just have no idea what to do….and so we brought you our make-up masterclass.

    We started off with “Smokey eyes” – wonderfully modelled by Katie Mills ( our studio manager and fellow blogger)…



    Here are the general rules of thumb for a smokey eye:


    1. Know your eye shape – have a look at the below diagram as it details eye shapes and where you should put your make up to enhance them


    2. To save time for us busy ladies, start by applying a half moon of black eyeliner pencil on your lower lid and blend with blending brush.


    3. Do a marker under your brow where you want your shadow to finish – do this with your eyes open.




    4. Apply and dark shadow – not black as its too harsh, over the liner and up to your marker. Blend. A lot.


    5. Make sure you have a gap between your brow and the dark shadow – if you have over egged it, get out a cotton bud and wipe away the excess.


    6. Liquid liner along the eyelashes (top only)


    7. Mascara


    8. If you want it under your eyes (apparently it makes your eyes look smaller not bigger) just use a bit on the end of a cotton bud.


    9. Put a highlighter under the brow and either side of your nose if your eyes are close together.







    Our second tutorial was on contouring – for which my cheeks became the canvas…



    1. Use a matt bronzer or similar


    2. Draw an imaginary line from your lip to your ear and then cut it off at the outside of your eye. This is your contour section.


    3. Apply the bronzer with a big brush to this area and blend in.


    4. Get a shine powder or similar (I’m not sure of the technical word) and brush above the bronzer – blend.



    Thirdly – a deadly red lip – how to make it stay on longer…




    1. So the secret to staying on longer is to cover your whole lips with liner first and then apply your make up.


    Gia’s favourite new red lippy is from Rimmel. She said it stays on forever and it was so shiny and a beautiful colour.




    Go forth beautiful ladies!


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