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  • Italian Escapism..

    Posted by:- Charlotte | November 13, 2013

    So this weekend I took a mini break away to a tiny town in Italy…Santo Stefano Di Sessanio.

    Sitting about 2 hours from Rome, this tiny medieval village is literally built into the cliffs and is a breathtaking spectacle amongst the gigantic mountains that surround it.

    Italy 1

    It feels like you are 10 hours from civilisation and the hotel we stayed in only added to this…. Sextantio Albergo Diffuso is the only hotel in the village and spreads all across the village. Random doors from the streets lead onto intimate bedrooms, each with their own egg bath and open fire. The medieval theme continues inside the rooms with the open brickwork and minimal, cancel lit interiors, and you may think – ooh that looks chilly…but on the contrary young sir – my my we were so warm – especially sat by our fire, in the bath, 2 bottles of Prosecco down.

    Italy 5

    We spent our time walking the hills

    Italy 3

    Italy 4

    up to breathtaking ruins, balanced on the highest of cliffs; drinking Prosecco with locals whilst singing Italian opera until 1am and drinking Prosecco with the locals at the jazz festival in the square, where offerings of free soup and meat kebabs warmed our bellies….the warmest group of people we have met in a long time :)

    Italy 6

    I wore my Ram Black Pea Coat all weekend to get in the glam Italian mood – I felt like a princess!

    I urge you all to make a visit to this place once in your lifetime – it really is of another era, if not world….

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