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  • A fun filled 50 minutes of ice skating at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink

    Posted by:- Katie | November 18, 2013

    Last weekend I booked tickets for me and my boyfriend Chris to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum, over the past few weeks I know it’s early but I have been feeling so Christmassy which my boyfriend hates hohoho. I thought it would be lovely to get all wrapped up and go ice skating.


    Natural History Museum Ice Rink


    I chose the 5 o’clock time slot as it gets dark so early I thought we could enjoy all the twinkling lights, We arrived 40 minutes early like it states on the ticket which was a good idea as suddenly there was a mad rush of late comers. I shoved my foot into my boot and had forgotten how uncomfortable they were only to realise I had put my right foot in the left boot ha not a good start.




    Everyone huddles outside and watches the ice being cleaned, it was a lot larger than I had expected. The first step on the ice is the make of breaker, luckily I managed to stay up the whole time with many a wibble and wobble with no thanks to Chris who thought it was great to grab my hand and fling me off on my way!



    Don’t miss your chance to go as it closes on the 24th November, 50 minutes was just long enough before your toes start to go numb. The tickets were £14.85 each from the website but you can get family deals along with student tickets, it is such a treat, it isn’t something you get to do every day. I absolutely loved it and everyone else skating and even watching had huge grins on their faces.




    If skating isn’t for you, there is a Café bar where you can sit and soak in the atmosphere whilst watching over the rink, where hot and cold drinks along with food are available.


    Christmas Cheer was definitely found here!

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