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    Ever since I was a wee (not Scottish) girl, I have LOVED makeup. My granny had these two baskets she kept in the downstairs loo FULL of makeup. Most of it was old and falling apart but I thought it was amazing! I always used to say “Granny, can you get the baskets down for [...]

    October 3, 2013 | Hannah
  • A note FROM TEAM CT

    In this blog you will find everything CHARLOTTE TAYLOR from latest news, to interviews with the team and behind the scenes info too. We are also adding a new dimension to our blog - each member of our small team is now a blog author in their own right. Whether it be Ben - the business brains of the company, Katie - the kooky studio manager, Hannah - the CT shop manager, Alicia - the social media guru or just plain old Charlotte.... We will endeavour to keep you updated on our favourite loves, whether they be music, fashion, travel or health. Welcome to our world...
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